Dream Big • Have a Plan • Work Hard • Make Friends

Dream Big • Have A Plan • Work Hard • Make Friends

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There are millions of places to learn the technical skills necessary to succeed in gaming and simulation, but there are very few that will teach you the professional skills needed to secure and to maintain a career doing what you love. Navigating the industry requires a career partner who has the proven connections in the Central Florida community, with universities and corporations nationwide, and with the industry at large, to get you where you want to go. Technical skills are only the half of it. The right guidance in the right direction will help to put you high above your competition. Let’s get there together.


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Rob Coble

Career Management Consultant

Meet Rob

I have spent the past 14 years working in Career Services primarily in the tech and gaming industries. 11 of those were spent at Full Sail University working with students, alumni and industry partners. I found a passion helping students understand the importance of good professional demeanor and helping them hone their networking and communication skills. I love creating and facilitating community, helping my students manage their careers and identifying top tier talent for my many industry partners. 


The best way to get noticed is to get involved. 




Let’s chat about your career goals & make a plan to get you there.

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