Take Chances – Learn By Doing

Like the majority of the world, I awoke yesterday to the news of David Bowie's passing. I was saddened and shocked. I remember playing ping pong in my basement back in 7th grade with friends while blasting "Young Americans" on 8-track. In high school David gave us the "Berlin Trilogy." Shortly thereafter, he gained his major breakthrough with "Scary Monsters," and then, of course, "Let's Dance" gave him recognition in every household around the globe.

As I grew up and my tastes changed, so did his. David seemed to follow me everywhere. David continued to grow and mature as an artist and never seemed to succumb to major trends or gimmicks in order to stay relevant. He continued to reinvent himself while maintaining his dignity and merit.

One of the things I admired most about him was that he was always willing to take chances. He surrounded himself with people that enhanced his brilliance and brought out the best in him. David himself was probably not the best musician or singer in the classical sense, but no matter what he did, he did it with passion.

He found the best people to help him create and grow. Imagine the Ziggy years without Mick Ronson on guitar or the Berlin Trilogy without Eno's hand in the studio. These eras wouldn't even come close to being the same.

David was also a great student. No matter how popular or comfortable he became, he always looked for the next thing. He didn't stay in the same circle and make the same records over and over. He grew. He experimented. He paid attention to what was going on in the world around him, constantly learning and studying what could be done next. That is not the to say that he walked away from his past success; he continued to add to it.

I have yet to find a disgruntled word about him amongst all the glory he has received over the past two days. His reputation as a collaborator, mentor and friend are what remain.

I don't think David ever went into the studio with an attitude that something couldn't be done. He was willing to take chances and find a way to make it happen. As a creative, he always had a certain sound or vision that he wanted to paint. Imagine had he not taken the chances he did to create the legacy he left us. The world is a much better place because he did.

If you are reading this, I urge you to think about these examples and ask yourself if they are present in your daily professional life. They don't just apply to music or films. They apply to all aspects of life. They apply to the art of making games, and most importantly, they apply to the task of building your career. No one proved my theory correct more than David -

Dream Big, Have A Plan, Work Hard, Make Friends, Don't Suck. 

Most of all, Have fun.

Rest In Peace David.

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