What is a Career Manager? This is my definition.

I am often asked what I do. When talking to people about Career Management their thoughts will always go straight to resume review and how to apply for certain positions. I do all of these things and although they are extremely important there is so much more to do in order to find the dream job you are looking for.

There are millions of places that now teach the skills needed to succeed in technology. Gaming, Simulation, Web Development, Computer Graphics and Design. Colleges, Bootcamps and after school programs are in abundance yet the majority of these programs are forgetting about teaching you the professional skills needed to get these skills in front of the decision makers in the first place.

All of these disciplines require technical skills to succeed but have something else in common as well. They require the ability to maneuver amongst large teams of diverse people. In order to succeed you need solid communication and team work skills. These are the skills that are difficult to define on a resume or CV and paramount to your being giving the chance to show off your technical skills in the first place. Fact;

·        Recruiters and Hiring Managers spend an average of 7 seconds per resume review.

·        90% of all job opportunities are never posted on job boards.

·        80% of all jobs are acquired through some sort of referral or recommendation.


Now that you possess the technical skills needed to succeed what are you doing to display the professional skills that will make hiring managers wants to consider you in the first place?


There is no currency more valuable thank your network and your reputation. Sure, a great resume, cover letter and demo reel are important but being able to back these up with a solid reputation, one that promotes your communication, teamwork, adaptability and willingness, will take you much further, faster than anything else.


Say it with me, “It’s now what you know it’s who you know!” Establishing a reputation and creating your brand among the industry you want to attract is the first step into establishing your dream. I want to help you move forward with confidence and navigate the murky depths of our development community.


Ask yourself, what are you doing to establish your reputation, whether in school or a recent graduate? If your job search consists of nothing more than finding openings on job boards, applying and sitting back waiting for the phone to ring you are leaving a lot of opportunity on the table.


There are so many ways to connect with the people who can make a difference and I want to teach you how. All that’s required of you is to GET INVOLVED! Some of the topics we will discuss include;


·        Linkedin and Social Media Hygiene

·        Conferences and Conventions

·        Job Fairs

·        Organizations and Clubs


Submitting applications online are still effective and necessary but again there’s more you can do. Let’s chat about;


·        Staying visible and keeping in touch

·        Proper follow through

·        Good cover letter practices

·        Nailing the tech or white board challenge

·        Finding the decision makers

·        Creating an impressive portfolio and blog


They say that finding a job is a full time job in itself. I agree. However, let’s not look at it as a burden but an opportunity to share our passions and connect with other like minded individuals. If you are doing what you love it shouldn’t be considered work. The number one thought on most people’s mind in any interview situation is if this person is someone I could see myself sitting next to for 8 hours a day and not want to strangle. Are you displaying the passion and professional skills needed to ensure them that you will make things better or worse? Let’s be proactive and establish these good professional skills prior to sitting down for the interview and you will have more time to show off your technical abilities. It’s not always the better technician that gets the gig but the person who best fits into the culture of the community. It’s easier to teach someone how to be a better technician than it is to teach them how to be a better team mate.


If you are interested in developing and nurturing these skills then lets connect. I am available for appointments Monday – Friday and will work around your current schedule. Each session is an hour long and although I prefer to meet in person I am available through Skype or Hangouts as well. Whether extraverted or introverted it is easy to get involved and establish yourself. Let’s talk soon.