Shonktastic Adventures - When The Student Becomes The Master

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am and how happy it makes me to present to you our good pal Grant Shonkwilers new book. My friends in in the Networking Nerds community know the name well. If you have been involved with Full Sail University in any way over the past 10 years and do not know Grant then I encourage you to get out of your cave more often. 


I met Grant about 10 years back when he was a student at Full Sail University. It was clear for the very start of our relationship that this was a guy who was going places. Since graduation from Full Sail he has spent time at AMI, creators of the Megatouch where he contributed to over 100 games, iD Software working on the great 1PS Rage and then at Epic where he oversaw certain elements of Fortnight among other projects. In addition to making games he spends an incredible amount of time educating and mentoring those just getting their start. Check out his YOU TUBE channel and his web series GiGs or Get Into Games for more. 

Grant stepped out on his own recently and started his consultancy that advocates good team and  development practices for games of all shapes and sizes. With Gear Up he teams with Agile Scrum legend Clinton Keith who is no stranger to these concepts himself. 

I caught up with Grant on the big release day and asked him to summarize the book and tell us a little about what we will find inside.  Here are his thoughts;

"Great teams make great games. While process can help or hinder, great games require talent, creativity and teamwork of developers. This book helps them reach their potential by sharing practices that other developers have used to":

•Improve how teams execute on a day-to day basis

•Overcome barriers to becoming great teams

•Facilitate change and engagement through improved coaching and leadership

•Respect and aide the personal growth of developers

•Stream-line iterations •Guide projects and manage risk

•Raise the quality bar throughout a studio •

Enhance your studio’s environment for developers

Be sure to check out more about GEAR UP - ADVANCED GAME DEVELOPMENT PRACTICES and order your copy now.