This is Orlando - Game and Tech

Here is the update on the recent changes to the Networking Nerds podcast. We have way too much happening in the gaming and tech communities here in Orlando to ignore and I wanted to provide an outlet to better evangelize and promote the many people and companies that are doing the great things needed to sustain our efforts. 

In order to continue and add to the awesome work that the Orlando Economic Partnerships's Amanda Roche has initiated I am changing the name of my podcast to This is Orlando - Game and Tech. I will continue to provide lots of content for those in the areas of Career Management but the new name provides a more complete picture and scope of what we will be doing moving forward. A large portion of these conversations will focus on networking and how my listeners can get involved in their community. After all, the best way to network is to get involved. 

My first podcast under the new moniker will be released soon and feature Amanda and Sheena Fowler both from the Orlando Economic Partnerships. The OEP and especially these two rock stars work hard daily on behalf of our community evangelizing and promoting the reasons we all love living in Central Florida and why businesses would be smart to take advantage of all we have to offer in lifestyle and resources. 

I will continue to post tons of Career Management articles and links here and at my Facebook Page Rob Coble Career Management. I hope you take a moment to click through and follow me there as well. 

In other news Orlando iX is right around the corner. Be kick things off Thursday August 17th at Full Sail University. Indinomicon is hosting a mixer that night to get things rolling so plan in advance to attend. A full list of speakers and schedule is live on their web site. 

I will talk more about Orlando iX soon and watch for the latest podcast sometime in the next week. If you have any requests or ideas for future podcasts I am all ears. If you need some help navigating the waters of our game and tech community I am standing by to help. Whether you are looking for aid with your career, need to find quality local talent or just aren't sure where to turn for help with a current project feel free to reach out to me anytime. I may be able to point you in the right direction.