This Is Orlando and Hylant present "Corner Office"

This Is Orlando is proud to introduce you to our new sponsors Hylant and a brand new series called Corner Office. Corner Office will publish monthly alongside regular episodes of This Is Orlando. The series will focus on community leaders and their involvement in philanthropic and community related happenings.

The concept for Corner Office came about through many a chat with my friend Rachel Dobbs, Hylant Client Executive and Seminole County Tech Association Chair. Rachel spends much of her time meeting and talking to executives throughout Central Florida and felt we needed an outlet for them to talk about their involvement in our community. Rachel will be joining me on each Corner Office episode as co host. She has spent over 5 years at Hylant and remains extremely involved in Central Florida’s business community. Welcome Rachel, I am excited and eager to begin working with you.

This Is Orlando and Hylant share the same goal, to help shed light on the Central Florida community and provide opportunities for all to get involved. Whether the arts, tech or philanthropic and spiritual endeavors you have the power to make a difference.

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Watch for the first Corner Office to debut around mid July and subsequent episodes around mid month moving forward. We have a brilliant lineup secured and always welcome your ideas and suggestions for future episodes.

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