The Best Room In Orlando

I had the pleasure last night of meeting Chris Belt, Executive Director of the Timucua Arts Foundation in the SODO District. Located at 2000 S. Summerlin Ave it is without a doubt my favorite room for music here in Orlando.

From their web site;

This, we believe:

Art and music belong to everyone.
Art and music are the highest manifestation of our humanity.
Art and music should be enjoyed in the most intimate venue: the living room.
Every community is better when art and music are performed and nurtured within it.

The feel and vibe at Timucuan is more house concert than live venue. Patrons bring food and wine to share, artists mingle with guests. The staff is courteous, helpful and extremely welcoming. For more on how you can get involved and support their efforts be sure to check out their web site here.

Last night featured Nicole M. Mitchell, an award-winning creative flutist, composer, bandleader and educator. She is perhaps best known for her work as a flutist, having developed a unique improvisational language and having been repeatedly awarded “Top Flutist of the Year” by Downbeat Magazine Critics Poll and the Jazz Journalists Association (2010-2017). Mitchell initially emerged from Chicago’s innovative music scene in the late 90s, and her music celebrates contemporary African American culture. Ms. Mitchell, has recently been named as the head of the University of Pittsburgh’s jazz studies program.


Her set culminated in a large piece ensemble featuring local artists performing a very recent piece called Border Parade. The piece perfectly captured the mood of the recent debate on the elaborate 4th of July parade in the midst of the ongoing border detainee situation. Two poets delivers there verse over a percussive stomp which was at times frantic and others contemplative.


Be sure to learn more about Timucuan by visiting their web site. This hidden gem is a part of a larger community that spreads across Central Florida focusing on Jazz, Poetry, Visual Art, Avant Garde, Classical and Experimental music. They are funded in part by Orange County Government through the Arts & Cultural Affairs Program but need support from fans like you. I am working on bringing Chris to This Is Orlando to talk more about their group but you can also learn more by checking out their podcasts here.