This Is Orlando Now 30 Episodes Deep

Sitting down here this fine Wednesday morning, listening to some new records and thinking about the great conversations we have had for This Is Orlando. I am still hyped after sitting last night with Wheeler and Paul from the Cosmic Roots Collective, an interview that will be coming soon to the podcast. Last week we had the pleasure of speaking to Angie Duplis from Advent Health and this too will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Our goal is simple. Conversations will a cast of characters that help make Orlando what it is, a diverse and passionate community of artists, community leaders and professionals. A group that focus on the positive things we find here in Orlando. We hope you will find ways to engage and get involved with the community through these candid conversations.

We also don’t want to lose sight of what got us started in the first place. We will continue to focus on helping to develop good professional and networking skills. In our upcoming episode with Social Community Specialist at Advent Health Angie Duplis we talk about what it takes to get noticed by recruiters and the importance of establish a good rapport as well as a good professional demeanor in all activities including social media.

All said, I would really love to hear from you. Although we have an absolute blast recording these episodes we want to make sure they are useful and entertaining. If you have people you would like to hear from or topics you would like to hear more about you can drop me a note here or at

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed and continues to listen and support our efforts. Special thanks to Hylant for supporting our Corner Office series and much love to the Orlando Game Space, Kunal Patel and Chad Hoover for their support and use of the facilities. Super duper thanks to Carlos Ivan for his expertise and friendship.

Holla back yo!