Dream Big • Have a Plan • Work Hard • Make Friends

My goal is to always provide you with the tools you need to hone good professional skills and create a reputation that gets you noticed. 

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Everyone tells you that networking is important. Let me teach you how to do it properly through proven professional development techniques, tips and tricks to make you as successful as you can be.


I will help you to develop and to focus the skills that will leave a positive impression while branding yourself as a candidate who needs to be taken seriously. This, as well as individualized career coaching to find your best fit, how to properly craft your resume and cover letters, attending conferences and conventions, university guidance, and more. Whether individually, or in groups, everyone needs to take the time to build these core skills because after all, the first step is not always what you know…it’s who you know, and I can help you to open the doors, to make the connections, and to be well-prepared to confidently take it from there. 


ready to take your career to the next level?

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Individual career coaching

You don’t have to do it alone. I have over 13 years of Career Counseling experience with a successful track record of helping candidates realize their full potential and finding their dream jobs. 90% of the jobs you are looking for are not posted publicly. 80% of all jobs are filled through referrals. Your reputation is important and something you can control. Are you doing all you can to help separate yourself from the plethora of candidates that are working towards the same goals as you? 


Lectures & Workshops

Lecture and Workshops on Resumes and Cover Letters, Social Media, Attending Conference and Conventions. High School – University Level. 


Resume review

Recruiters and Hiring Managers spend on average 7 seconds looking at your resume. What does your resume say about you? Is it structured properly? Does it reflect the position you are applying to? What makes your resume stand above all the others? 


Networking How-to

Networking is not something you should fear. You can be yourself and be a successful networker. Let’s talk about how to meet people in social settings and social media.  I can help you overcome your fears and help you make friends in the industry.