Personal Goals

In order to succeed you need to establish goals.

No Fear

Networking should not scare you.



Get involved.


Network and make friends.


5 Professional Skills creative people need to get gigs and survive! With Rob Coble

In this episode, join creative industry guru Rob Coble as he joins industry veteran Chris Murray as they discuss the 5 things creative types need to know to get gigs and survive in the creative industry. 

Technical Design & Today's Blockbuster Games

  • Jameson Durall - Principal Designer, Volition; 2011 Hall of Fame inductee

  • Ryan Paradis - Senior World Systems Designer, Bungie; 2006 Game Development graduate

  • Rusty Sempsrott - Studio Design Architect, Volition; 2006 Game Development graduate

  • Rob Coble (moderator) - Industry Outreach Manager


The Greatest Console Generation?

The Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U represent the latest generation of video game consoles, but with graphics already approaching photorealism, where will the real innovation come with these new machines? Full Sail University's panel of veteran game developers talk about what you can expect from this generation and beyond.

  • Jameson Durall – 2011 Hall of Fame Inductee; Principal Designer/Design Director, Volition

  • Chance Glasco – 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee; Animator, Infinity Ward

  • Elbert Perez – 2005 Game Design & Development graduate; Technical Producer, Microsoft Game Studios

  • Cordy Rierson – 2009 Hall of Fame Inductee; Studio Head, Microsoft Game Studios

  • Rob Coble – Industry Outreach, Game Studies

The Realities of Life in Game Development

Video game studios bring together a number of different creative types, from artists and programmers to the business-minded. Navigating the different personalities you'll meet is as much of a challenge as the technical work that goes into software development, and these Full Sail University grads and industry professionals will share their day-to-day experiences, as well as the challenges of transitioning to different studios and different roles.

  • Kerry Allen – 2006 Game Development graduate; Software Engineer III, EA Tiburon

  • Will Dull – 2005 Game Development graduate; Software Engineer III, EA Tiburon

  • Rob Coble – Industry Outreach, Game Studies

  • Grant Shonkwiler – 2008 Game Design & Development graduate, Technical Producer, iD Software