Episode 9 - A Podcast With Film Florida Executive Director John Lux

John Lux.jpg

Last month when we were wrapping up Episode 8 with David Glass Carlos turned to me and asked if I have ever met John Lux from Film Florida. He went on to tell me that John and I were kindred spirits and he too shared the same passions and ideals. Carlos made the introductions and thankfully John agreed to come down and meet me here at The Gamespace to talk about his work with Film Florida. Carlos was correct. Not only did I hear John echo back to me many of my own thoughts but I learned a lot about his involvement in our community and the fact that we are all in this together. 

John's primary focus as Executive Director is to support his constituents while evangelizing the benefits of our community. He networks tirelessly to help companies find the connections and manpower to successfully complete projects and support the infrastructure of our Central Florida community. It's interesting to find that our industry divides no longer exist. Film and TV productions now require the talents of our technical community. Opportunities are everywhere for programmers, artists and VR/AR enthusiasts too. 

John take a very positive and proactive approach. Rather than focus on what isn't he focuses on what is. He spends is days supporting the community through social networking and his involvement in many legislative and community organizations. There are many ways for you to get involved. Start bu heading to the Film Florida web page for more details on meetups and events happening frequently throughout the state. 

Thanks John for taking the time to sit down with me and thanks always to Carlos for making it happen.