Episode 10 - Alysse Metzler Coe - "The Recruiting Snitch"

20171215_094854 (1).jpg

Our 10th podcast of 2017 ends our year with a bang. This is the essence of what we do and preach day in and day out. If you are interested in a career in tech or ways to continue growing your career then you need to listen to what Alysse has to say. 

Her book, The Recruiting Snitch has helped countless people navigate the terrain of the professional recruiter. In fact it is required reading for all students in the UCF Business Program. She currently serves as the Sr. Recruiter at The Experience Engine and is visible throughout our Central Florida Tech community. She will soon be hosting a series of resume workshops and is also working on the second edition of The Recruiting Snitch which is expected by the end of 2018. 

It's always refreshing for me to sit down with another Career expert and compare notes. In this episode we discuss topics ranging from resumes, following up, staying in touch and how to grab the attention of a recruiter through social media and meet ups. We share stories of the do's and don'ts of a job search and she even schools me on the legalities of corporate job posting. If you listened to our podcast with Sr. EA Recruiter Alan Ashby you will start to see trends in common with recruiters and hiring managers. If you are not paying attention you are doing yourself a disservice. 

As 2017 comes to a close I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday and say thank you for all of your support throughout the past year. We have a lot to accomplish in 2018. Our Central Florida Gaming and Tech communities continue to grow and I hope to be able to continue to provide the conduit for all, whether your are looking to advance your career, sourcing for open positions at your company or looking to hire a team of developers for your media project perhaps I can help. You know where to find me.