A Podcast with Full Sail University Hall of Famer's & Alumni

I am so eager for you all to take in the wisdom that is shared by these 5 Rock Stars from  Full Sail University

I had the pleasure of attending Full Sail University's annual Hall of Fame ceremony last week and ran into some old pals, members of the illustrious Full Sail Hall of Fame;

Leslie Brathwaite - 18 time Grammy winner whom you know best from his work with TLC and Pharrel. He is also a card carrying game nerd and first person shooter aficionado.  

Kim Alpert - A brilliant multi media artist and Director of Creative Technology at DCI Artform.

Three Rock Star game dev's who may not yet be in the HoF yet but are well on their way;

Grant Shonkwiler - 8 year veteran of gaming with AMI, iD Software and Epic. He has recently launched his own consultancy for Project Management.

Will Fitzgerald - 5 year veteran of gaming with stints as a designer at Deep Silver Volition and now Project Manager at local Orlando start up Doghead Simulations.

Mark Diaz - 3 year veteran of gaming from iD Software        

In this podcast we talk about everything from social media, body language, conferences and networking in general. We also hit on the topic of managing your career. Networking doesn't end the minute you get your first job. If you are passionate about what you do it's a life long endeavor. These 5 guests have all watched their own dreams come true through hard work and a passion for their craft. What's even better is their willingness to mentor and give back to the next generation.

I hope you are able to take a lot away from this conversation that helps you in your networking and that it helps to eliminate any unneccessary fears that you may have. All of my guests have invited you to connect with them on Twitter and I highly recommend that you do.

Leslie Brathwaite     

Kim Alpert

Grant Shonkwiler

Will Fitzgerald

Mark Diaz