A Podcast with The Director of Education for Thinkful, Grae Drake

I am fortunate to work part time with Thinkful, an incredible Online Coding Bootcamp that teaches both web development and Data Science. I had the opportunity to chat via Skype with the Director of Education Grae Drake and get his take on education in general, networking, overcoming social fears and what it is he looks for in people during the interview phase. 

I have been doing career services for 13 years now and I have to say I was blown away by Thinkful's perspective on sharing the employment responsibility with their students as well as Grae's perspective on what it means to provide guidance and encouragment. 


Grae is a programmer, educator, and recovering corporate attorney. He joined Thinkful as employee #4 to build the mentorship program and now leads Thinkful's education department, including career services and employer relations teams. He's coached a number of Thinkful graduates through the job search and negotiation processes, and splits his free time between wrangling his two year old son and solving problems on Project Euler. Follow him on twitter at @Grae_Drake.

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Rob Coble