A Podcast with The Gang From Orlando's Indienomicon

I am sure you have heard me talk about Indienomicon many time before. If you are anywhere close to the Video Game Industry in Orlando then you already know about the awesome work they do. For over 4 years now they have spearheaded the gaming community in Orlando through their monthly meetups and annual game jams. This year sees them regroup with a new board and some exciting new initiatives to help continue bringing The City Beautiful more recognition in the global games community. 

Keep in mind that these folks volunteer their time while holding down full time positions in the games and tech fields. They do this out of love and passion for our community and the industry. If you are interested in learning more about Indienomicon and how you can get involved you can find them all via email or Twitter. Feel free to reach out, they love hearing from you and are always on the lookout for volunteers, sponsors and anyone who is interested in attending their monthly meetups and game jams. 

Kunal Patel - kunal@indienomicon.com @KunalPatel

Necole Pynn - necolepynn@gmail.com @NecolePynn

Chad Hoover - chad@continuum-studio.com @chadmhoover

Kyle Morrand - kmorrand@302llc.com @kymorrand

Robert Torres - rtorres@302llc.com @bobbyt0318

Jack Henkel - jack@indienomicon.com

Rob Coble