A Podcast with Alan Ashby, SR. Recruiter @ EA Tiburon


One of the anchors of our Game Development community here in Orlando is without compare EA Tiburon. Located in Maitland and employing over 700 they work tirelessly each year bringing us the latest iteration of Madden, NCAA and FIFA as well as contributing to many other titles in the EA stable. 

I invited Sr. Recruiter Alan Ashby over to the Coble Ranch to talk about his role and to fill us in on a day in the life of a recruiter for one of the largest AAA studios in games. During our conversation he explains the entire process from soup to nuts including answers to questions such as;

How he sources new candidates.

What he looks for on resumes. 

What it is that makes candidates stand above the rest.

The three interview process from phone screen to technical interview and in person white board challenges.

Throughout the conversation he makes one thing absolutely clear, it's not just your technical skills that get you noticed but how you communicate and interact that makes the first impression. Alan is faced daily with hordes of resume submissions that he has to comb through and sort. Now is your chance to learn how to add your application to the top of the stack and then position yourself as the candidate that the rest of the team will want to work with. 


For a list of current openings at Tiburon click here. Be sure to keep an eye out for Alan at the many meet ups and conferences here in Orlando and be sure to reach out and extend a hand. He is always looking for good talent and is interested in expanding his network. 

The video below was shot 2 years ago but gives you a peek behind the curtains at the Maitland offices. 

I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from episode 7 of the This Is Orlando podcast. If there are any topics or guests that you would like to hear from in the future be sure to reach out to me anytime at rwcoble@gmail.com and follow me on Facebook at Rob Coble Career Management and on Twitter @robcoblecm

Now, without further ado here's Alan