Episode 17 - Understanding Cyber Security with Regine Bonneau of RB Advisory

As you are most likely aware I started a position three months ago with a University in Lake Mary called ECPI (East Coast Polytechnic Institute). I am working with students primarily within a Bachelor Degree program called Networking and Cyber Security. The degree has been around for a few years but is new to my Lake Mary campus. In fact, our University has been designated as a Center For Academic Excellence by the NSA and Department of Homeland Security.

Needless to say I had some learning to do. Having spent the past 15 years in the game space I am being bombarded by new terms and technologies and being introduced to a whole new world of tech speak and theory. Fortunately for me I met Regine Bonneau through our Advisory Board here at ECPI.


Regine runs her company RB Advisory here in the Orlando area. She is a Certified Third Party Risk Practitioner which basically means that she works with and advises companies about staying compliant with all the government regulations that have been instituted since the plethora of breeches like Equifax and even Facebook recently.

It’s interesting to note that her main goal is to spread awareness on this issue called Cyber Security and how it not only affects larger corporations but us individuals as well. Anyone with data that can be monetized is at risk. She doesn’t preach this to scare us but to make us more cautious within our own day to day. Much like we lock our cars when we leave them we need to start thinking about taking similar precautions with our data and our online presence.

I am thankful to Regine for taking the time to spend with me. This recording was more for me than anyone. Trying to wrap my head around black hats, white hats and network security has been tough and I think that she makes it a lot easier to understand. Feel free to reach out to either of us with your questions either here or through Linkedin and while you at it join us each month at any of the ISSA or ISC2 association chapter meetings often held right here on our Lake Mary Campus. ISSA and ISC2 are the two largest Cyber Security associations and are extremely active in our community. If you are looking for ways to get more involved start here.

It was great to have Carlos back at the helm for this one. Thanks brother for coming out to Lake Mary and for your always passionate contributions to This Is Orlando. Be sure to check out his music on his website and buy two, one for a friend. He has kids you know!!!!