Episode 18 - Pastor Jared Witt, Castle Church Brewing Community


Yes you read that correctly. Church and brew in the same title. I know it may be hard to get your head around this concept but that is exactly why we sat down with my pal, Pastor Jared Witt to talk about this incredible “new” concept for church. The Castle Church Brewing Community.

Jared, an ordained Lutheran Pastor is creating an atmosphere based more on action than religious dogma. His partner, Aaron Schmalzle has been brewing for years in the original Castle Church Community of his garage. The product was so well received and the community so strong they needed to expand.

The concept dates back to the days of Luther when the community pub was also the place for discussion on all topics but especially theology. Using this concept Jared wants to offer a place where people can sit down, have a beer and more importantly a conversation and an opportunity to work through whatever issue may ail them.


Still confused? I was too until we had chance last week to dig into the concept and find out straight from the horse’s mouth. The brewery is in the part of Orlando they are calling the Gateway in a beautiful new building right by the intersection of Goldenrod and Hoffner. The atmosphere is contemporary and laid back. A very inviting place to congregate. Offices and cooler alike have been created with old shipping containers and throughout you will find an emphasis on the environment and staying as green as possible. Regular services will be help Sunday mornings and the brewery is open 7 days a week. Head to their web site and be sure to download the app as well. The brewery offers Old World inspiration and New World innovation on a rotating selection of year-round, seasonal, and special batch releases.

Castle Church is all about community and they want me to make sure to tell you all that they have space available for corporate and personal events. A private conference room, a yoga room and other quiet spaces are tucked away and ready for use. They are also interested in being a part of your company and community events. If you are looking for sponsors be sure to connect with them through their website.


The more I ramble the more I realize that I am probably not doing much to explain so be sure to check out the episode and visit the web site. Welcome to the neighborhood Jared and thanks for creating a place where everyone is welcome and love is the main entree.

Details for the December 1st grand opening can be found on their website here.

Thanks as always to my brother Carlos for his dedication and help. He travels the Metro Orlando vicinity mic in tow at a moments notice to bring us this show and we appreciate you!