Episode 13 - Wellness with Welli Chief Wellness Officer Kristine Thomas

Over the past year that we have been recording the This Is Orlando Podcast we have tried to bring to you a potpourri of varied topics while always offering opportunities to learn more about and take advantage of our City Beautiful. My goal is to expand your view beyond the tourist destinations, chain restaurants heinous traffic and give you opportunity to get involved and enjoy what Orlando has to offer. 

The Jay Z and Beyonce of Downtown Orlando

The Jay Z and Beyonce of Downtown Orlando

It is with this in mind that I sat down with Kristine Thomas, Chief Wellness Officer at Welli. Short for Wellness through Innovation, Kristine is at the fore front of our ever expanding food scene. However, as you will quickly learn, she is so much more than another food critic. Her primary goal is to educate and promote healthy habits that help us with daily life. Not just another dietary fad of the month, hers is a way of living which promotes mind, body and soul. She is part chef, part trainer and spends much of her time evangelizing to our our local business community the benefits of healthy living in order to promote productivity and create a harmonious environment that we will thrive in while feeling better physically and mentally. 

In this episode we talk about a lot more than losing weight. We discuss good practices for a healthier lifestyle while dispelling the myth that Gamer's live on a steady diet of Doritos and Mountain Dew. Be sure to listen for her local independent restaurant suggestions and support our community. Our burgeoning tech scene would be nothing with out our thriving food scene. 

Be sure to head over to her web site Get Welli  to learn more and be sure to check out all of the health and delicious recipes while your at it. Welli was one of the sponsors at the recent Mega Health Jam so many of you already know what I am talking about. 

I want to Take a moment to once again that all who contributed and participated in any way to last months Special thanks to Kelli Murray and Nina Talley at Medspeaks for their support and sponsorship of this podcast. Kunal and Chad at The Orlando Game Space and Indienomicon for their support and for keeping the spirit alive. 

Lastly, much love to my brother and Audio Engineer Carlos Ivan Marquez for his passion and commitment to helping me with this podcast as well as his philanthropic and benevolent look on life. I am proud to call you friend amigo. Be sure to click through his banner below to check out some more of his awesome work. 

That's it for now. You know where to find me. As always, Standing by.