Episode 19 - Talking Esports with Josh Mora, Executive Director Strategic Partnerships @ Full Sail University


It’s always great to sit down with my pal Josh Mora, especially when he takes you on a quick preview tour of the new Esports arena at Full Sail University. It’s so new in fact that I couldn’t take pictures however, by the time you read this there should be some press releases out there for you to see and learn more.

In addition to Josh’ work at Full Sail he is also a member of the council for the Greater Orlando Sports Commission. GOSC has put quite an emphasis on branding Central Florida as a top destination for Esports. If you are new to exactly what Esports is this is a great place to start. Josh provides an enthusiastic overview of what is happening globally and how Orlando is positioning itself to support local growth while supporting the global community as a whole. As per usual, so many cool things happening right here in our own back yard.

Thanks for tuning in. It’s great to be back on track after a brief hiatus. As always, couldn’t do it without Carlos, the heavy weight champion of audio. Thanks brother.


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