Episode 22 - The Mercury Collective

Every third Thursday at the Orlando Game Space you will find my friend Jamal running around, shaking hands, sharing hugs and cultivating an incredible group of creatives at an event he calls Mood The Party. Mood The Party is a diverse gathering of Orlando creatives from the art, music , tech and film communities. The idea falls under the banner of Jamal’s organization The Mercury Collective. The Mercury Collective is a traveling art show that is a lot more than just an art show. On any given night you will find live music recordings, documentary crews filming and of course plenty of art being displayed.

The idea is to create a safe space for all creatives to share ideas, collaborate and brainstorm. Each night features at least one but often multiple artists showing their work while additional art work from Orlando artists fill the surrounding walls. All the while DJ’s spin ambient jazzy beats and often live musicians will join in along with local Orlando MC’s. You never know what to expect and that’s what makes this group so amazing.

The vibe is easy going and the Game Space provides a spacious and comfortable environment to chat with friend old and new. I myself had such a great time I will for sure make it back next Month.

We were finally able to pin down Jamal as well as his Administrative Asst. and Chair of the CAYA Network Asjah (CAYA = Come as you are, another great initiative) for a quick chat about what is happening in the Orlando Art world and how their benevolence is helping young artists find the vehicle to help them show off their work.

Enjoy the episode and thanks to Jamal and Asjah for their time. Thanks to the Orlando Game Space for hosting the event and thanks to Carlos for making it all happen.

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