Episode 24 - Audio Engineer and Music Publisher Miguel Bustamante


Part two of our focus on the local music scene. Let me introduce you to Miguel Bustamante, audio engineer and owner of Lucesca Productions. The mission at Lucesca is to Support and guide independent and emerging artists and songwriters through the increasingly autonomous music industry landscape. Music production with a focus on storytelling, which converges with song placements and synchronization as a primary end goal.


Miguel has a storied career and it’s only just beginning. He has worked in the past with artists ranging from Justin Timberlake, Shakira and Damian Marley amongst many others. My personal favorite is the work he has done with our own Carlos Ivan Marquez. (shameless plug)

We had the pleasure to hang out with Miguel and his brother Juan (visiting from Philly) a couple of weeks ago at the Orlando Game Space and I can honestly say a nicer guy you will never meet. His love of the craft and his commitment to helping new artists succeed is a welcome presence here in our city. Be sure to check out his Facebook page Lucesca Productions and check out some of the artists he is currently working with at his Soundcloud page.