Episode 27 - Corner Office featuring Adam Scheinberg, Massey Services

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I am thrilled to bring you the first episode in a new series of talks we call This Is Orlando - Corner Office. The series is sponsored by my friends at Hylant and will feature Hylants own Client Executive Rachel Dobbs as my co host. In addition to her work at Hylant Rachel has served our community well over the past 5 years including her stint as Chair for the Seminole County Tech. Association and her involvement in the chamber as well as a plethora of community meet ups. The goal for Corner Office is to shine a light not only on the executives themselves but more so their involvement in our community and their efforts to grow and build the region through philanthropic and community events.

Our first episode accomplishes this goal and so much more. Our guest this month is Adam Scheinberg, VP Information Technology at Massey Services Inc. and Vice Chair of the Central Florida Tech Alliance. In addition to these he also serves as the President of the Mockingbird Foundation and serves on the board for the Orlando Repertory Theater. If that’s not enough be sure to ask him about his work with Phish and Umphrey’s McGee, two of the most visible and prolific jam bands working today. A subscriber to the " What you give is what you get” school of philosophy he also manages to find time to spend with his wife and kids and when not working on behalf of our community will most likely be found checking out some live music or theater.


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My thanks to Rachel and Carlos for their dedication and hard work. A special shout to my pals at The Orlando Game Space and Chad Hoover for providing the room to stretch out and get it done. We love what you are doing at the Game Space, keep up the great work. Doing this show is fun and we hope you enjoy what you hear. Get involved and help us spread the word about what a great community we are a part of. I hope to hear from you.