Episode 28 - Banks Helfrich - Black Cow Jumps

One thing that Orlando has in abundance is passion. When I first met Banks a few months back I was quick to realize he had it in spades. Trying to pin down who he is or what he does is impossible. Actor, Children’s Performer, Clown, Film Maker. He is all of these things and more.

In this interview we discuss all of these things but focus on his group Black Cow Jumps. I guess it could be best described as experimental or interactive theater. Actors portray themselves and include the audience as part of the performance. In addition to Black Cow he will be presenting a new experience in October called No Assumptions. Here’s how he describes it


- No Assumptions - Policy, Religion, Dance and Civil Discourse brings differing mind thinkers together in a highly structured discussion about topics of our times. This is a chance for citizens of a polarized nation to civil discourse in a fertile and open space where the Venn Diagram of humanity can grow. This will happen October 24, 2019 @ 7 pm at the Winter Park Library and is free to the public. Complimentary refreshments and light snacks are served.

Although these activities take up a lot of his time this is only the beginning. You can find him performing for children at the many area libraries as his characters Jiggleman and Math-U the Counting Cowboy. He has had multiple appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and currently has 6 films streaming on Amazon. Most recently he has stepped into the political arena and serves as the chair for the Lake Soil and Water Conservation District, Lake Co.

Strap yourself in and enjoy this episode. Learn more about and connect with Banks at his web site here.

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